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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Covers for Maximal Reserve

As soon as I got back from The Gathering last week, I got an email with possible cover concepts for Maximal Reserve from my publisher.

I polled dozens of people and even the youth group at our church that I'm involved with. The runaway favorite was #3 with the barrels at the bottom. The first one, while more accurate with the elements of the book, would likely be troublesome as so many people don't know what Israel looks like geographically. To them, the abstract shape might look like a rusty knife with a droplet at the bottom (blood? oil?) - too many design concerns to deal with. #2 seems like more of a non-fiction book and while it's a super clean look and feel I don't think it conveys the suspense and intrigue of the book.

Hope you enjoy these!


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