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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Review from Book Reviews by Buuklvr81 (Molly Edwards)

Molly Edwards has written up a nice review of Wayback on her site. By permission, I include it below:

My Review:
This is not a book that I would normally read, but I am so glad that I did read it! Wow! When you read about the book, you think, oh man...a science fiction styled book. But it's so much more than that. The author blends Christians and their beliefs with non christian's and their beliefs in such a way that you would think you were sitting in on an actual conversation.

As I sat reading this book, I realized there are many aspects to this novel: it's thrilling, it's realistic, it's full of Godly happenings, and full of great characters. It is a book that will have you thinking about things. It is a bit of the sci-fy type thriller, but not in a way that will turn you away from reading it. When you open the book you are immediately pulled straight in, learning of the Flood and technoligies. Batterman mixes that sci-fy thriller type, with God and Scripture, and uses thoses things to make the characters even more realistic and get your mind to thinking.

I give high recommendations to this book. I think everyone will benefit from this book in one way or another. It is perfect for book clubs, or discussion books. It is a truly great book with a thought provoking plot, and characters that you won't forget. Batterman's writing style will not disappoint! So, if you like Christian novels, thrilling, page turning events, and thought provoking situations, please grab a copy of this five star worthy book!

Thanks for the nice words, Molly!

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  1. Hey Sam,

    I was just poking around on VMI/Deep River's new Web site and saw that Wayback is at the top of their bestselling list--congratulations! Glad to see the book is doing well :).


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