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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All Systems are Go! T-Minus 8 days!

I just got a note from the publisher that the books are almost done with printing and will be shipping out to warehouses and booksellers on May 1,2009 (which was the originally planned ship date).

If you've not already ordered your copy you can go to any of the following sites to order it...

...and many, many more.

If you'd like a signed copy you can click here.

If you enjoy the book, consider supporting me by doing any or all of the following...
  • Send an email to your friends and encourage them to read the book.
  • Write a review on
  • Have your local church bookstore or private school library get some copies for their shelves
  • Ask you local Christian bookstore dealer to carry some copies
  • Join the Facebook Fan Site and socialize with other fans and read fan reviews.
If you enjoy the book, send me e-mail (, I'd like to hear from you!

If someone needs ordering information (a bookstore proprietor, etc.), here it is...

Contact STL Distribution (
Phone: 1-800-289-2772
Fax: 1-800-759-2779

Be sure to check back often at for news of other books and how Wayback is doing.


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